Links & Affiliates
How to become a Boo Mansion Affiliate:
If you have your own website and would like to become an affiliate with Boo Mansion your site must meet some requirements. These requirements are as followed:
  • The site must have a fair amount of quality content.
  • No coming soon, free hosted, or forum sites. This also includes but is not limited to: Freewebs/webs, InvisionFree and so on. Exceptions will rarely be made on our judgement, but there are no guarantees.
  • Your website must be appropriate, respectful, and must display a good attitude and work ethic.
  • Your website must receive good feedback, as well as updated on a regular basis.
  • Your site MUST display our site's button or a link somewhere on the site. We will do the same afterwards.

If you think your website meets these requirements, contact us.

Current Affiliates
The Spriters Resource The Mushroom Kingdom Mario Wiki Nintendo Land Mario Kart Central Fire Emblem Online Fire Emblem Shrine
Fire Emblem Wiki Metroid Headquarters Metroid Recon Mario Party Legacy Mario Mayhem Super Luigi Bros. Talk Nintendo
Super Mario 128 Central The Bowser Shrine Mario Legacy Mario Monsters The Sonic Zone Jaycee Studios Yoshi's Moon